Sunday, October 12, 2008

On the Run with GOOG-411

Free 411 Business Connections on Your Cell Phone!

We're always on the go, it seems, and while we're running around, our cell phones connect us immediately to friends and family. Now your cell phone can connect you free of charge to businesses with Google's free GOOG-411 service. Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 from any phone, state the location and business name or category, and Google will connect you to the business for free. You don't even need the name of a business. You can request a category such as restaurants, and GOOG-411 will present several choices and offer to dial any one you want. Watch this video for more "information" about Google's new 411 "information" service, then create a speed dial link to GOOG-411 on your cell phone!


  1. I have not used GOOG-411 but plan to. What a neat service to have when you are traveling. Thanks,Rosemary, for finding this for us! -Bev

  2. Cool. Thanks for the tip.
    --Todd Fred.