Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Rave Review for iTunes Radio

Playing background music while students work can be an effective way to create a mood and enhance learning. Now you have even more options with the hundreds of stations available through iTunes Radio on your computer. When you open iTunes and click on Radio, you will see several genres listed. As you click on the small triangle to the left of each category, a list of stations will appear. Just double-click on a station and enjoy some wonderful music! You also can bookmark your favorites by creating a playlist, naming it "Radio Playlists" or something similar, and dragging the station(s) into that folder.

These new musical options can make your classroom "out of the ordinary." Of course, you may need to create a fair way to select which radio stations to play because your students will have definite opinions!

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  1. I just tried the itunes library, classic all the great and lots of choices!! I need some brain building music this afternoon! I will try dance tunes soon! Connie

  2. I love the Latino selections! This will be fun for my students.

  3. Rosemary, I just came across your blog on twitter. I went to check it out; you have some great info on it. I'm sure the high school teacher's know about your blog, but does everyone else in the district. You need to share it with everybody in the district. I check out Mary's blog all the time. Kudos to you and Mary for doing an awesome job, and thanks for the blogs.

  4. This is awesome! Thanks!