Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Tiny Tip with Big Benefits

Using to Create Simpler Web Page Addresses
(Including Bonus: New Projector Manual!)

Some of the strange, long web addresses I see on the Internet almost make me dizzy.  Here's an example that I encountered when researching tips for using our new classroom projectors at Buhler High School and Prairie Hills Middle School: 

Don't you like THIS web page URL better?

To make the projector manual web address shorter and easier to type and remember, I simply went to, pasted in the looooooong web address, and then chose my own words to follow the beginning part of the web page URL. Now the web URL for the Dell projector user manual is much simpler.  In fact, I might even be able to remember it if I forget to make a bookmark for the web page!

When you use, you have the choice of creating your own "ending" of the web address or having a random web address generated. Either way, you have a much simpler web address to use.

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  1. Tried this last night and it is SO easy! Thanks for sharing!