Friday, January 9, 2009

Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

I've been tagged! Mary Frazier recently tagged me for the "Seven Things You Don't Know about Me" meme. Just for fun, I'm going to use the Top Ten (actually, Top Seven) format. Here goes:

Number 7: I won the Hadley Junior High School typing contest in Wichita in 1966. As a result of my famed fast fingers, one of my professional nicknames has been "Machine Gun Miller."

Number 6: When racing my 6th grade boyfriend after church (circa 1963), I somehow didn't stop in time and ran right into the front church door, breaking the glass and almost destroying the fingers on my right hand. Have you ever looked at the fingers on my right hand? I'm lucky to have them so I don't complain, and remember, I was able to win the typing contest 3 years later!

Number 5: I play the piano, but I don't really remember learning how to do so. My mom would hear me play, come to the piano, and give me tips. She may have given me a few real "lessons," but basically this was a skill I learned with true "just in time" instruction.

Number 4: To follow up on the piano theme, I come from a long line of women who learned to play piano from their mothers. My mother taught me, her mother taught her, my grandmother's mother taught her, and on and on into the past for several generations. Of course, I don't have daughters, so this particular legacy has ended with me. Remember, though, I am Bryan Miller's mom, and those of you who know him might agree that he could be considered the final amazing piano achievement resulting from all those generations of fine musicians.

Number 3: Many of you know that I taught English for many years, most of them at Buhler High School, but did you know that I also taught Spanish, speech, debate, and forensics?

Number 2: I count among my former English students (and proudest achievements) these current Buhler educators: Willie Adkins, Kelley (Meyer) Pankratz, Jera (Lane) French, Vicky (Withrow) Richardson, Randy Doerksen, Christine (Gillen) Schletzbaum, Carla (Schultz) Goertzen, and Stephanie (Deatrick) Tucker.

And the Number 1 Thing You Don't Know About Me is: This is my 35th year of teaching, and what a ride it has been! Truly, nothing else could have been more fun and more rewarding for so many years.

Now, Tammy Gilley, tag, you're it! Give us the Seven Things We Don't Know about You!


  1. I knew most of those things about you!

  2. Rosemary,
    Thanks for everything you've shared. My three Spanish I classes have now used their cellphones!! They each read 5 out of 10 sentences that they wrote. I have not listened to many of them, but the ones I have heard, some are pretty good and some are not so great BUT they will get graded for effort, especially this first time.
    You have really taught a lot of different subjects!! I'm impressed! Gracias por tu ayuda.

  3. Wow! What a life! Thank you for sharing

  4. I think the number one thing should be...."You have been nationally recognized for your work in an article in Education Week!" Way to go Rosemary!!!!!!