Sunday, September 7, 2008

Magic Audio on Your Laptop

You may already listen to books, articles, or podcasts on your computer or iPod. Now, by using the free site, Read the Words, you can create an audio file out of any words you choose. The Read the Words web page provides many options for entering words to convert to audio: you can type text directly (up to 80,000 characters), upload a Microsoft Word document or a PDF, or even enter a Web site address or an RSS feed. In addition, you can choose from several reader voices and three languages--English, Spanish, and French.  Finally, you can change the speed of the reading as well. 

Once you have entered the text and created the file, the audio can be played on the site, embedded in a blog post or web page, downloaded and played right on the computer, or loaded onto your iPod.

Of course, this could help students in your classroom in many ways. Struggling readers could listen to content and even load it on their iPods or mp3 players to take home. Read the Words also could be an easy way to create podcast audio files to share with others.  

What ideas can you think of to use with YOUR students? Please add your comments and ideas here.

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  1. Read the Words has endless potential. I could see possibilities with poetry as poetry is an "auditory"/emotional sensation for an audience. It would help auditory learners to listen to rhythm, pacing, articulation, etc.
    I could see how with Shakespeare or more archaic texts. The text read out loud would probably increase comprehension, students who are struggling readers, won't have to worry about decoding and fluency issues. They could enjoy the language instead of disliking language!Quite an engaging tool for auditory learners.